Voices of the Maine Fishermen's Forum

In 2018 and 2019, visitors to the Fishermen’s Forum were greeted by an unusual sight at the entrance of the Samoset Resort: a refurbished Airstream that had been converted into a mobile recording studio. Participants were encouraged to visit the Airstream and share their stories with us.

The Maine Fishermen's Forum has always been a place for fishermen and people engaged in the fishing industry to share their knowledge, observations, and ideas. In two years, we collected over 60 stories from fishermen, fishing families, aquaculturists, activists, students, bait dealers, trap builders, and other individuals whose lives are, in one way or another, connected to the waters of the Gulf of Maine.

Collecting these voices is an important step in making sure their perspectives are heard and their stories are protected for future generations. This year, we invite you to explore a selection of curated audio stories from the 2018 and 2019 Forum interviews. Enjoy!

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Voices of the Maine Fishermen’s Forum is possible thanks to a partnership between Maine Sound + Story, Maine Sea Grant, Island Institute, College of the Atlantic, and The First Coast.

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