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Alice Spencer

In this interview by Galen Koch with Alice Spencer of Stonington, Spencer shares stories about a trip to the White House, close calls with death, mischief her children and herself got into, traveling and selling her paintings to make enough money to get back home, hitchhiking to work at a nursing home, seeing the northern lights by accident after having to pee on the side of the road, paying the doctor to deliver her baby with a basket of lobsters, camping on George’s head, and stories of saving animals and pets. Spencer also highlights stories of kindness around her that reflect her familial values, love of God and the way of life on the coast of Maine.






Elle Gilchrist

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Galen Koch

Suggested citation: Spencer, Alice, The First Coast 2019 Oral History Interview, May, 01, 2018, by Galen Koch, 28 pages, Maine Sound and Story.


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