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Maine Sound and Story is a multimedia archive that helps tell the story of the state of Maine, its citizens, and ancestors. This site features oral histories from across the state, professionally produced radio stories, and curated images of the people and places that make Maine unique. Explore this site to search, learn, and share the stories and voices of Maine.

Galen Koch interviewing Ernest Kelley in Jonesport, October 2018

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Maine Sound & Story is a collaborative effort and relies on the support and guidance of its partners and collaborators. 

Special thanks to our partners:

Molly Graham at the Voices Oral History Archives (voices.nmfs.noaa.gov). Since 2003, the Voices Oral History Archives has been documenting the human experience as it relates to our changing environment, climate, oceans, and coasts through firsthand oral history accounts.

The Island Institute

College of the Atlantic

Maine Sea Grant