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Alice Spencer

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This interview is a collection of stories of the memories of Alice Spencer’s time in Deer Isle and Isle au Haut. Her husband, Richard, and daughter also join the conversation at times sharing memories or perspectives on the fishing industry and increase in the cost of living by the water. The Spencers shares stories of her family growing up, grandpa (Richard) taking grandkids out lobstering, painting on rocks, living coastally, fishing and differences between young and older generations of fisherman, women packing in the factories paid by how fast opposed to their husbands who were paid by the hour, adventures sliding down hills in the snow, an odd car crash or two, and fun times making ice cream and playing music on Sundays in the winter. Alice Spencer shares that she has Mi’kmaq ancestry and that Richard is related to the Princess of Wales, Diana Spencer. This interview is full of stories and laughter of raising a family on the coast of Maine. Spencer even shares a story of sighting a UFO.
Key Words: Family, Coastal living, Mi’kmaq, lobstering, women in the industry

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Elle Gilchrist

project facilitator.

Galen Koch

Suggested citation: Spencer, Alice, The First Coast 2019 Oral History Interview, April, 10, 2018, by Galen Koch, 33 pages, Maine Sound and Story. Online:


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