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Tuddy Urquhart

This interview is with Adelmar “Tuddy” Urquhart, lifelong weir and stop seine fisher. Charlie Alley interviews Tuddy, or “Tudd”, as he calls him, as an old friend, there are many moments of finishing each other's stories and reminiscing about times shared on the boat. Tuddy shares stories from the wide range of work he has participated in, including herring weirs, stop-seining, dragging cod, lobstering, clamming, logging, and even conkle collecting. Between the detailed descriptions of what the work itself looked like, Tuddy brings up humor and stories about his upbringing. He worked long days, got into trouble and dangerous situations, but enjoyed every moment of it. Tuddy’s knowledge of life at sea speaks to the demand for different fishing practices, how specific practices work, and varied bits of information from his extensive, lived experience.

Tuddy Urquhart Session 1 — 03/13/2004





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Suggested citation: Urquhart, Aldemar “Tuddy”, The Jonesport Historical Society Oral History Interview, Transcribed by Mapping Oceans Stories 2020 class in collaboration with The First Coast, (March 11th, 2004), by Charlie Alley and Bill Plaskon, # pages, Maine Sound and Story. Online: Insert URL (Last Accessed: Insert Date).


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