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Chris Petersen

Chris Petersen is a faculty member at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor. Petersen also serves as the Vice-President of Frenchman Bay Partners, and he is a member of the Bar Harbor Marine Resource Committee. In this interview he discusses current issues faced by aquaculture and wild fisheries in Downeast Maine with a focus on shellfish and salmon. He discusses the management of clam harvesting throughout Maine and how they are threatened by green crabs and climate change. He describes research on clams being conducted by himself and students at College of the Atlantic and ends with descriptions of COA’s two island research stations, including names of people heavily involved with their histories and operations.

Chris Petersen Session 1 — 10/25/2019





Olivia Jolley

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Suggested citation: Peterson, Chris, The First Coast 2019 Oral History Interview, (October 25th, 2019), by Galen Koch, 16 pages, Maine Sound and Story. Online: Insert URL (Last Accessed: Insert Date).


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