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Clinton Beal

In this interview, Clinton Beal talks about his childhood and schooling on Beals island and jobs in the town. He describes how he and his friend tried to get a job with the Coast Guard and then about his work trawling for hake. He goes on to tell a story about going across the island to see his future wife in the winter and a boat he built in high school. Clinton tells a story about working with Riley Beal, building wooden boats. He tells a story about winding his pant leg while he was trying to drill the shaft hole in a boat and then how he went on to start his own boat-building business with his son Ray. Ray and Clinton talk about a structure Ray built with Jake, Jared, Uncle Shirley, and Ennis on the edge of a hill. He talks about his relationship with Priscilla and Douglas Williams and his work as their caretaker on Head Harbor Island. They go on to describe logging on Machias River and Clinton's father's experience fishing from schooners.

Clinton Beal Session 1 — 02/09/2006




Sil Kiewiet de Jonge, Tess Moore, and Molly A. Graham

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Suggested citation: Beal, Clinton/Ray The Jonesport Historical Society Oral History Interview, Transcribed by Mapping Oceans Stories 2020 class in collaboration with The First Coast, (Febraury 9th, 2006), by Charlie Alley and Bill Plaskon, # pages, Maine Sound and Story. Online: Insert URL (Last Accessed: Insert Date).


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