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Ernest Kelley, Marilyn Kelley

This interview is with Ernest and Marilyn Kelley, residents of Jonesport. The couple discusses the history of their family and the various fisheries Ernest has participated in. Ernest fished as a child but started fishing for a living after he returned from military service. Ernest describes his experience harvesting lobster, mackerel, herring, codfish, haddock, pollock, shrimp, and periwinkles (conkles). He delves into the details of purse seining, stop seining, weir fishing, handlining, dragging, and other methods of fishing. Marilyn focuses her attention on her work at the Three Rivers processing plant and the experience of being a wife and mother in a family that works on the water, the worry that accompanies that role. Their family has four generations of lobster licenses. Based on their knowledge and experience, the two provide insight into the dynamics within and efficiency of the Lobster Council, which Ernest served on, and other aspects of fisheries management. They share their concerns regarding dragging, trap tags, the lobstering apprenticeship program, and the enforcement of regulations by wardens.

Ernest Kelley, Marilyn Kelley Session 1 — 10/01/2018





Olivia Jolley, Molly A. Graham

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Galen Koch

Suggested citation: Kelley, Ernest and Marilyn, The First Coast 2018 Oral History Interview, (October 2018), by Galen Koch, 33 pages, Maine Sound and Story. Online: Insert URL (Last Accessed: Insert Date).


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