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Ernie Eaton

The interview with Ernie Eaton provides a rich oral history of his life, work, and experiences. Ernie discusses his upbringing in Kennebunk, Maine, his work at Data General, and his family background. He shares insights into his childhood, including his experiences growing up in Kennebunk, playing in the woods, and his family dynamics. Ernie also reflects on his time at Salt, discussing the impact of the program on his life, his career, and his love for hands-on experiences. The interview captures Ernie's engaging storytelling and provides a valuable oral history of his life and work.





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Oral histories are personal first-hand narratives of the past, and rely on the memories, interpretations, and opinions of the narrator. As such, they may contain offensive language, differing viewpoints, and/or negative stereotypes. The opinions expressed in the accounts here reflect those of the narrator, and not the positions of Maine Sound & Story.

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