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Helen Beal

The interview with Helen Beal dives into her extraordinary hobby of creating a detailed miniature model railroad representing Jonesport, Maine. Helen discusses the project's origins, challenges, and collaborative nature with her husband and his nephew. She explains the intricate process of constructing the miniature world, including buildings, landscapes, and wiring for trains. Helen's anecdotes showcase her upbringing, the model's impact on the community, and encounters with visitors. The interview also touches on tax-related challenges due to the model railroad's separate building. Helen's humor and storytelling shine as she recounts experiences like blueberry raking and lobster fishing. The interview concludes with Helen sharing her future plans for the model railroad. Overall, the interview offers a glimpse into Helen Beal's artistic creation, her personal life, and the charm of Jonesport's community.






Molly A. Graham

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Suggested citation: Beal, H. (2018). Interview by G. Koch. The First Coast - Jonesport and Beals. Maine Sound and Story.


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