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Herb Baum

The oral history interview with Herb Baum III provides a rich and insightful account of his experiences growing up in Kennebunk, Maine, and his involvement with the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. Herb's connection to Kennebunk is evident as he describes his upbringing in the Lower Village, highlighting the area's transformation from a quiet fishing village to a more crowded and touristy town. Herb's involvement with the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies is a central theme of the interview. He reflects on his initial impressions of Salt, emphasizing the comprehensive nature of the program, which involved not only writing stories but also conducting interviews, transcribing them by hand, and laying out the magazine. The interview also delves into Herb's memorable experiences with Salt, including his significant stories for the bicentennial issue and the book, which paid tribute to his grandfather's work and his father's fishing stories. Herb's involvement in interviewing families and documenting life on Swans Island in the 1980s further showcases the breadth of his contributions to Salt's archival material. Herb highlights the program's influence in facilitating interactions with publishers, universities, and media outlets, such as the Today Show, underscoring the unique opportunities that Salt offered to young individuals. Herb's account of the program's impact on his personal and professional development sheds light on the lasting legacy of Salt and its significance in shaping the lives of its participants.





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