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Marcia Beal Brazer

Marcia Beal Brazer, from Ogunquit, ME, shares a personal story about her husband Norman Brazer, a lobsterman, who got tangled in a lobster buoy rope and fell overboard while fishing near Boon Island, ME. Norman Brazer was lucky that he was carrying a knife and was able to untangle himself; however, when he surfaced, he could not find his boat. Luckily, another lobsterman, Mark Sewell, noticed Brazer’s body floating and took him to the hospital. After three rounds of CPR, Brazer finally responded. He is still a lobsterman. Marcia emphasizes how important it is for lobstermen to carry a knife and be able to swim. She reminds everyone to “treasure every single minute and to be grateful for what you have.”




Corina Gribble

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Natalie Springuel

Suggested citation: Beal Brazer, Marcia Oral History Interview, March 1, 2018, by Matt Frassica and Corina Gribble, Page #, Maine Soundn & Story. Online: Insert URL (Last Accessed: Insert Date).


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