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Patrick Shepard

Patrick Shepard works for the Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries and was born in Stonington, ME. He talks about his experiences growing up in a fishing family and lobstering with his brother from a very young age. He also speaks about the changes he sees in his hometown and what the future of fishing in Maine might hold, particularly in finding ways to make more money from a smaller amount of high quality product. In his current position, he works with fishermen to improve their markets and opportunities, and he ends by sharing a success story in the limited groundfish fishery.



Kaitlyn Clark

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Natalie Springuel

Suggested citation: Shepard, Patrick Oral History Interview, March 1, 2018, byGalen Koch, Matt Frassica and Kaitlyn Clark, Page #, Maine Sound & Story. Online: Insert URL (Last Accessed: Insert Date).


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