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Richard Alley

Galen Koch interviews Richard P Alley, who recalls his family history and its connections to the islands and original settlers as he talks about his childhood. He shares the changes he has seen in the industry through the pricing and types of bait. The idea/feeling of freedom within the industry changed from his perspective. In the second audio interview, Alley shares stories about diving including one where he almost got stuck in a sea cave of the coast of Maine. Alley talks about changes to the industry and aggression among offshore lobstermen to closures for clams due to red tide. He talks about his experience and opinion on whale and turtle entanglements in fishing gear as well as his youth working on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.






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Suggested citation: Alley, Richard P, The First Coast 2018 Oral History Interview, (3 November 2018), by Galen Koch, 27 pages, Maine Sound and Story. Online: Insert URL (Last Accessed: Insert Date).


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