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Will Plumley

In this interview, Will Plumley, a dedicated volunteer since 1991, shares insights into his journey working for many organizations that protect the Presumpscot watershed. Beginning with the Friends of the Presumpscot River and later joining the Gorham Land Trust and Presumpscot Regional Land Trust. Plumley was involved in broad initiatives like the Sebago to the Sea Trail and the Randall Orchards conservation project. He discusses the importance of strategic planning, sharing his pride in facilitating the development of strategic plans that contribute to Presumpscot Regional Land Trust's success. Furthermore, he touches on the broader impact of the Land Trust's work, such as water quality monitoring, trail creation, and the social justice aspects tied to the conservation of the Presumpscot River. The conversation concludes with a call to action regarding land use problems and zoning issues within the watershed.





Galen Koch

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Suggested citation: Plumley, Will, Presumpscot Regional Land Trust Archive, November 30, 2023, by Galen Koch, 12 pages, Maine Sound and Story. Online: Insert URL (Last Accessed: Insert Date).


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